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An Effective Mediterranean Diet For Health And For Weight Management

If you are paying attention to the news from health professionals and reality entertainment shows, you know that managing your weight is an important factor in reducing many health risks. You may have tried many crash diets, looking for quick weight loss. Like many overweight people, you probably lost a few pounds and then all your good intentions failed, because you hit a plateau and couldn't stay on the diet. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need to make the kind of lifestyle changes that are incorporated within the Mediterranean Diet.

Obesity is linked to several life shortening illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Obesity is a significant problem in the United States amongst all age groups and both genders. Diet is also linked to other conditions such as hypertension, depression and dementia.

The concept behind this diet is the documented longevity and wellness of people who consume the natural diet consisting of foods found in the 21 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The most common version of the diet concentrates on foods of southern Italy, Greece and Crete. It recommends regular physical activity in conjunction with wholesome foods prepared in a way that preserves freshness and nutritional value.

The major foods included in this eating style include plenty of plants foods, fruit as the typical dessert, fat from olive oil, cheese and yogurt and small portions of fish and poultry. Eggs are limited to no more than four per week. There is limited portions of red meat allowed. Wine is consumed in no more than moderate levels. The typical diet will have no more than 25 percent fats and no more than 8 percent saturated fats.

Various studies support this diet for health and longevity. Several theories have been suggested as the reason for its success. There are numerous studies that support the consumption of this type of foods. Mortality from heart attacks, diabetes factors, hypertension and depression are all shown to have been improved by following the diet or slight variations of it. Some improvement in patients with Alzheimer's and similar dementias has been noted.

Adding more plant fiber to the diet helps with digestion and skin tone. The Mediterranean Diet has been found to be effective in weight management. A major benefit of this type of food selections is that the foods provide a nutritionally sound diet. The components of the menus can be followed without strenuous dietary planning. You can enjoy the foods, add mild daily exercise and make associated lifestyle changes for the rest of your life.

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